Ortovox Swisswool Piz Cartas Vest grey blend - Heren Ski jassen 478431

Ortovox Swisswool Piz Cartas Vest grey blend - Heren Ski jassen 478431

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One piece, two styles: Ortovox have given Ortovox SWISSWOOL LIGHT SERIES new colors for your wild side. With their low weight and good insulation performance, the products are perfect for long, strenuous days on ski tours. The 90 g/m2 light lining made of Swiss wool is fitted with BREATHABLE, WINDPROOF and extremely SCUFF-RESISTANT and WATER-RESISTANT Pertex Microlight. And if your wild side needs a rest after a hard day’s touring: The subtle mottling on the other side of the jacket makes the inaulation jackets and vests suitable for everyday use.

The SWISSWOOL® PIZ GRISCH VEST reversible vest for men was developed for high-action mountain sports where good insulation performance at a low weight is required. The 90g/m² lightweight lining is not only produced in an environmentally friendly way, but also has the advantage compared to down when it comes to warming, even when wet. In addition, wool can absorb and release larger quantities of moisture than synthetic fibers.

Features such as the two front pockets on the “wild side” provide plenty of storage space for equipment – or simply for warming your hands. You can store other small items safely in the inside pockets on the other side of the vest. The elastic seam and ergonomic cut also ensure an all-round good fit.

The basis for Ortovox SWISSWOOL LIGHT line is the regional production of Swiss virgin wool. SWISSWOOL has set up collection stations specifically for this purpose in many Swiss Alpine valleys, some of which are very remote. At shearing time in the spring, shepherds can deliver their raw wool there in exchange for a fair price. Thanks to the SWISSWOOL facilities, sheep farming and wool production, which are often rather unprofitable these days, have experienced a revival and are now more appealing than ever. After the raw wool has been weighed, it is washed and then processed. ORTOVOX then provides the unique design and functionality during the manufacture of the end product.

Material: OUTER: 69 % polyamide + 31 % polyester PADDING: 88 % virgin wool (SWISSWOOL®) + 12 % polylactide INSIDE: 100 % polyamide


  • Artikel nummer: 478431
  • Materiaal specificaties: 69 % polyamide, 31 % polyester
  • 2 front pockets
  • 2 inner pockets
  • Elastic hem seam
  • Ergonomic cut
  • Reversible vest (2 styles / 2 colors)

Ortovox Swisswool Piz Cartas Vest grey blend - Heren Ski jassen 478431

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